About us

At Zayna Studios, we are a fresh and passionate team dedicated to provide unforgettable gaming experiences to our valued users. Our journey began with a dream of bringing innovative and entertaining games to life with a striking mission- bringing joy to your fingertips.

As gamers at heart, we understand the magic that games can weave into our lives and the memorable moments that it can create. Our commitment to excellence means that every game that we deliver, is a masterpiece in the making, with attention to detail and craftsmanship as our guiding principles.

But we don't stop there; we're constantly pushing boundaries, fostering innovation and ensuring that our games provide you new learnings, challenges and shared adventures. Together we will inspire moments of joy, where excellence fuels our creativity and growth drives our ambitions.


VISION and mission

To passionately craft and deliver entertaining content that consistently delights our valued users.


Our unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous growth drives us to consistently deliver high-quality games.


Committed to deliver top quality games
and experience.



Creating Experiences that contributes to the Growth & Enrichment of our Players.